Our History

Effort Foundry began in 1973, in Effort, Pennsylvania. In the early 1980s it moved a few miles south, to its present location in Bath. In the intervening years, the current facility has undergone a few expansion periods, including the most recent construction, which added 14,000 ft2 of space.

Our products include castings for the valve, pump, nuclear, railroad, and other industries. Effort’s approximately 70 employees are not unionized.

Since those early days, our casting abilities have grown to include items as small as one pound and as large as 2,000 pounds. We have also developed expertise with a wide range of materials, including Monel, Inconel®, and many others.

The Effort process has pushed boundaries as well. Today our Phenolic Urethane and cryogenic ceramic abilities mean fast delivery and the very highest quality.

Charlie Hamburg and two partners purchased Effort Foundry from the original incorporator in April of 1990; six years later Hamburg bought out his partners. Bill Easterly, who has more than 35 years of foundry industry experience, joined as president in 2002.

In 2021, Effort Foundry sold to The Brynavon Group, a privately-held firm.

As we have continued to expand our breadth of services, it has been vital for quality capabilities to keep pace; we have MIL I45208, and ASME NCA3800 certification, and we received ISO 9001 certification in 2010.

Today, Effort Foundry has developed a firmly loyal customer base. Our forte is providing high-quality, specialty castings for aftermarket and OEM products. We specialize in low-quantity orders—60% of our jobs are for three or fewer pieces—and quick-turn projects, with our one-week turnaround capabilities clocking in as much as three times faster than the industry average.