Metal casting hands-on training at no cost to you — at your location or at Effort Foundry

Choose your option to have technical, administrative, or purchasing personnel learn foundry basics from Effort Foundry metal casting experts.

  • At your facility
  • At Effort Foundry
  • From 2-hour to 6-hour sessions

All sessions cover metal castings, including pattern making­, molding / core-making, sand technology, melting / pouring, heat treatment, inspection / upgrading, NDE radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and Iiquid penetrate methods.

All sessions include hands-on molding and pouring — even sessions held at your location.

The more your staff understands the metal casting process, the more efficient your firm will be when purchasing and processing castings — saving you $$.

Please contact Effort Foundry to schedule your training. It is our pleasure to serve you and your staff.

Call us at 610-837-1837 or email us at sales@effortfoundry.com

It takes Effort to make quality steel castings.

“Presented Bill Easterly and his Team at Effort Foundry a Recognition Award today for his exceptional expertise instructing Emerson Mansfield engineers, quality assurance, and supply chain personnel during the Effort Foundry School held at our facility on August 25, 2022. That #supplychain dedication and valued partnership greatly enhanced our overall experience and understanding of the castings industry. Thank you, Effort Foundry Team!” (See pictures here)
—Ethan Haughey, Supply Chain Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions

Bill and Heather,
Thank you so much for coming down and teaching the casting school last week. All the feedback I received was positive from the class. Everyone mentioned how helpful the visual presentation was in helping them understand the process of producing castings. I trust you both had safe trips home. Have a great week. 

Thank you again,

Charlie Smith
Director of Sales
General Manager, East Coast Operations, Dante Valve