President Bill Easterly received a B.S. degree in metallurgical engineering from Lafayette College, and later added an MBA from Lehigh University. Easterly started in the foundry business right out of college, running several job- and production shops, which cast everything from steel, iron, and stainless to brass and aluminum. He joined Effort Foundry as President in 2002.

Asked about his customer service philosophy, Easterly doesn’t equivocate: “Whatever the customer needs, whenever they need it, that’s what we do.”



William EasterlyPresident
Renee SaponeOffice Manager
Jennifer RissmillerAdministrative Assistant
Deb KlockHuman Resources Specialist
Colleen SiscoChief Financial Officer

Engineering | Pattern Storage and Shop

Christian MorgensternEngineering Manager
Michael DeReinziPattern Shop Manager
Kevin WeinreichLeader—Engineer
Kyle MillerFoundry Engineer / Simulation
Thomas HeldFoundry Engineer/Simulation
Cliff KlockPattern Shop Manager

Quality Assurance

Maynard GrossDirector of Quality Assurance
Heather B. ShusterManager, Quality Control
Scott RandolphQC Technician


Kyle HamburgFacilities Manager


Gene ParkerManufacturing Manager
Dennis FritzingerCleaning Room Supervisor
Tyler VogtFoundry Manager
Charles HollandMelt Manager


Danielle JohnsonSales Manager
Colleen WalkerSales Coordinator