Our digital engineering department includes four engineers:

  • Kevin Weinreich, Rutgers University
  • Thomas Held, Shippensburg University
  • Kyle Miller, Northampton Community College
  • Allie Warhola, Bloomsburg University

Kevin has been promoted to the position of leader of the four, and they work extremely closely to ensure Effort stays at the forefront of this technology.

The group’s responsibilities include:

  • making models from existing 2D drawings.
  • making models by scanning patterns, core boxes, molds, cores, and castings.
  • formatting models to direct printed molds and cores, adding needed shrinkage, venting, identification, gating, and risers.
  • engineering models to ProCast simulation program to predict and thus eliminate shrinkage.
  • using a model to produce one-time use Styrofoam™ patterns, one-time use sand printed molds, and printed cores.

The group accepts all challenges in all alloys and all size castings.


We are proud to have the best digital engineering group in the industry!