Effort Foundry, Inc., has been a trusted manufacturer of castings for the U.S. Navy for over 2 decades. Today, Effort Foundry is the go-to source for military-grade valve and pump components because of their dependable track record, welding classifications, and stringent testing.

Effort Foundry Military Castings account for more than 25% of our total casting capacity and our valve and valve components (bodies, actuator, bonnets, caps, and plugs) and pump components (casing, impeller, channel rings, diffusors, glands, etc.). Castings range from 1 lb. to 1800 lbs., and are available in a wide range of alloys: WCB, WC6, WCA, CF8, CF3,CF8M, and CF3M, as well as Monel (A494) and copper-nickel (MIL-C-Spec).

See our list of military-approved welding procedures.

Read more about Effort Foundry’s military castings here.

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