Since its beginning in 1973, Effort Foundry has focused on manufacturing high-quality castings for clients, and today Effort Foundry continues to pride itself on craftsmanship. This includes maintaining ISO certifications and over 140 NIAC, NACE, ASME, and military certifications. While Effort Foundry has been approved for several years to produce Copper Nickel Castings for military clients, they have recently been named to the list of approved Newport News Shipbuilding suppliers. This means that they are now swimming with the big fish and able to be contracted for Navy projects.

Effort Foundry president Bill Easterly says, “We have worked hard over the past 15 years on continuous improvement, to become more efficient and achieve certifications in all aspects of our business, with special attention to meeting the procedural and tolerance requirements for military certifications. We are proud to be named to the approved list of Newport News Shipbuilding suppliers.”

With a quality system certified to ISO 9001, MIL-I-45208, and ASME Section III, NICA-3800, and having passed annual NIAC (Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee) audits since 2013, Effort Foundry has exemplified a commitment to quality. This also includes a high-quality customer experience with on-time delivery and competitive pricing. For an estimate on a CuNi casting project, please email

Below are the requirements for Copper Nickel (CuNi) 70/30 Casting Suppliers:

When providing CuNi 70/30 castings or CuNi 70/30 castings in an assembly, Seller shall utilize only the suppliers listed on the Buyer’s (Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding or Electric Boat Corporation) approved CuNi 70/30 casting supplier list. Approval is provided for the supplier source, supplier number, and location identified as listed. If a location is not listed, that location is not approved.

If utilizing a CuNi 70/30 casting supplier other than one currently on the approved CuNi 70/30 supplier list, a VIR must be submitted to the Buyer requesting approval of the selected CuNi 70/30 casting supplier. An evaluation will be performed and the VIR will be answered.

In addition to, or in conjunction with, testing required elsewhere in the purchase order, the Seller shall invoke the following requirements on orders for CuNi 70/30 castings from a foundry approved by the Buyer: 

a) For each heat, the foundry shall analyze and have available a chemical composition test report from an A”(beginning of pour) and B” (end of furnace charge pour) chemistry test coupon. Test reports and chemistry coupons shall be identified as A” and B” in addition to the heat number traceability. 

b) Mechanical test bars are to be poured no sooner than 50% through the furnace charge pour.

c) The foundry or supplier shall maintain the A” and B” chemistry coupons and the mechanical test specimens, and their respective test results, as objective quality evidence, subject to audit and further analysis by the Buyer.

i. Retention shall be a minimum of seven (7) years.

ii. Notify Buyer for disposition prior to disposal of records and specimens.

d) Buyer’s products may be poured in the same heat; however, the heat shall be unique to the Buyer (No other customer’s product shall be included in the heat.).

e) Chemistry and mechanical test report submittal shall be in accordance with the requirements contained elsewhere in this purchase order. Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in the purchase order, the B” coupon chemistry test results shall be submitted.